The Horror
He gazes desparetly on his surroundings,
Glass scattered everywhere,
Shards on Shards, reminding him of Kristallnacht,
Tears spring to his eyes.

He gazes desparetly on his surroundings,
Door shaving creamed,
Puff on Puff, reminding him when things were rationed,
Wondering how could someone be so wasteful.

He gazes around his surroundings, remembering,
The bombs flying fast and free,
Leaving the museums, and synagogues in rubbles,
Frighting all around them.

He gazes and remembers,
The Nazis marching, The Black Market,
The book burnings, The bright yellow star,
The secret listening of Churchill on the radio.

He gazes desparetly at his surroundings,
Which remind him of the ghettos, the work camps,
Taking a deep breath, knowing he must
Remain strong, he must rebuild his life once again.