This is dedicated to a particular stupid person, though I shall not list the authors name here. I respect his/her dislike of digimon, but when someone writes something so hilariously poorly written as that person did, I can't help but make fun a bit. ^_^

Ode to a stupid person

Have you ever encountered

Blatant stupidity?

The kind of moronic person

With no eyes with which to see?

They are everywhere, I tell you

On the streets and at our jobs.

And this is how you know them;

They come off as haughty snobs.

They don't know half of what they claim

They can't communicate

And I'm even pretty sure they'd say

That five plus five is eight.

It is their prejudices that I love,

This hate with no base fact,

That destroys their last ganglia

And makes their minds one-track

Ah! Their delusions of grandeur

In the art of rhetoric

Fills me with such pity

And makes me laugh `till I feel sick.

Sadly, all I can do is laugh

There is naught that I can actually do

But with all the human genetic diversity

Someone really needs to clean the pool.