To save you trying to spot the new parts I thought I'd add a quick file here with my

Newest updates:

April 2005: Chapter 1 new and improved!

Epilogue removed. Everyone seemed to think that didn't add anything and was too sad so I've taken it out and merged the important bits into the last chapter.

25th May 2005: Chapters 3 and 4 updated with minor changes.

Chapter 5 – quite a bit of new material in here.

26th May 2005: Chapter 8 edited with a couple of new scenes.

Chapter 10 edited with new bits

4th June 2005: Chapters 11 and 12, edited with new bits.

3rd July 2005: Chapters 13 and 14 updated. A bit more to explain why Amelia ends up why she does…

21at July -Chapter 16- Following up Amelia's tale..