You went and took me on quite a ride
One that would end in suicide
My eyes, they were too bright to see
All the pain you were causing me
Trapped in a cage and can't escape
I cover my wounds with a crimson cape
Drops smear the ink upon the page
As my body quakes with hidden rage
Death, please, I shall welcome thee
Won't you come and set me free?
Love has only left me broken
With harmful words that once were spoken
My heart, tis pained and overflowing
And I don't know just where I'm going
Death, won't you come and be my lover?
Steal away my breath like no other
Mother gone, father too far gone to care
That with you, I shall be going there
Forget my mind, forget my heart
Life shall not keep us apart
Tis not fair to make me live
When I have nothing at all to give
All my life, I've lived in pain
Where teardrops flow from me like rain
Blade drawn across my wrist like ice
So warm, it comforts, feels so nice
Takes away the pain inside
O, thou art my friend, suicide
You will never leave me alone
Even then the blade touches bone
Drink from my rosy lips a while
And watch all of the others smile
I was not meant to live like this
My darling, might I have a kiss?
As I embrace the knife of ice
Perhaps my end shall suffice
To prove how fast they will forget I was there
Kiss me now, stroke my hair
It's getting cold, it's getting dark
My eyes trace along the blade's cruel mark
You won't miss me at all
You'll only laugh as you watch me fall
As I lay myself in concrete fields to dream
Of someone else falling apart at the seams
I failed them all, father was right
I hear him laugh as I whisper "Good night."

(C) 02/14/2002 M. Copland