Confessions of the Ugly Step-Sister

Not all endings are fairy tales. Mine sure wasn't. I sit here, in this old chair by the fireplace, ash and dust floating in the air. A musty stench surrounding me. The window hasn't been cleaned for almost a decade. The wood stove hasn't been used for half that. I scrounge for food, finding rotten vegetables in the old garden, unattended to for the last few years of my life, not one I had chosen for myself. I should have left after burying my mother in that garden, but I chose not too.

A majority of people know of at least one person who had a happy life. I do. Her life wasn't happy with my family however. Oh not a chance, but good things come to the virtuous, and she eventually married her dream prince, who whisked her away. She severed all ties to my family as soon as she had the chance. Ah yes, my unloved step-sister. Cinderella as they call her now days. That's not her real name, but this is not about her. Her story is well-known. Mine however....

It is failed to be mentioned, my own thoughts, and emotions. The ugly step-sister. The villain. The girls who sang off-key, and needed make-up and a wig. I was a liar and a cheat, and treated my step-sister like the dog I was. I envied her, as many have realized no doubt. I had good reason to naturally. She was everything I was not. Beautiful, charming, and the best singer imaginable. Without lessons too! Although I treated her badly, she smiled and carried on with her work. When the time for the ball came around, she walked with the grace and splendor and dignity of a well trained lady. One who had never been wronged as I had wronged her. She got what she deserved, as I had gotten what I deserved.

Now I sit in this old chair, next to the fireplace my fair step-sister had once cleaned on her hands and knees. The wind coming in through the broken, dirty window. Alone. As I should be. My breath is becoming weary. My hair is limp and dirty, my clothes unfit to be worn. This is the end of the last remaining villain. The last final word. As I look over at the dead body of my sister, sitting in the chair next to me, I tell her I'll be in hell shortly, and we can be a family again. This is it. The confession of the ugly step-sister. Farewell.