Straight From The Heart

Although our hands have yet to meet
And one another we've yet to see,
The bond we share has grown stronger
Than the distance between you and me.

With time our love has continued to grow
Stronger as the months passed by.
We beckon to the day that the world we live in
Will allow us to meet eye to eye.

Times of joy and times of sadness
Have come to us in turn,
But through it all, the flame of our love
Continues to brightly burn.

A love like ours has ne'er been easy -
Only the strong shall make the climb,
But the strength of our love shall prove to all
That it stands the test of time.

Throughout life's journey, we find many people,
The proud, the bold, the meek,
But when one finds a love such as ours,
Life has truly reached its peak.

My darling angel, I love you today,
Tomorrow and for always.
No matter the time, I will wait with gladness
To be lost one day in your gaze.