The song lyrics below are written by me to fit the song to Yoroiden Samurai Troopers' "Lullaby of the Stars", so you can sing along to it... I used the given translation, so the English lyrics are close to the original version.

The beginning will be confusing, but it'll get better soon... It's supposed to be a movie version, so just keeping reading it in parts.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

She watched the dreary skies overhead with eyes of distant dreams, dreaming of a past that would never return. The days that were bright and cheery were no more, only ghostly whispers that pushed her forward. She clenched her jaw to prevent any whimpering sounds to be uttered because she couldn't show any weakness. Women were already fragile for their own kind, but she must strive on, stronger than ever, if she was to accomplish her goal and live.

She sighed, closing her light-brown eyes, as the light sprinkling of droplets brush upon her eyelids, kissing her skin like the gentleness of feathers. A young woman who had experienced tragedy after tragedy, yet her hands tightened around an oblong box, like clutching life itself. The box was nothing special, but the item inside was worth more than her life, a family treasure that remained in their ashes.

Softly, I gaze... stars of the skies
Around the bright, silver moon.
Battles of old, tiring my soul.
Closing my eyes, the tears fall.

Elsewhere, the girl--no older than twelve--huddled in the clearing, with a grasp on an old sword as a last means of survival. Men of all sorts and sizes surrounded her small form with only one intention: to kill her. Her body shook with fear and coldness as the rain poured from the skies and seemed into her thin clothing. Her delicate hands were gripped around the blade so tightly that it began to bleed, cutting deeper into her hands, but she didn't registered the pain. Her body and mind, so empty and dead, succumbed to the higher power.

Happiness had once filled those faraway days.
I remember the smiling face you wore.
A single kiss upon my cheek,
Your whispers of good night.
I want to sleep...

In the next second, the sound of terror screeched through the air as the lightning ripped from the clouds above. Blood and rain mixed, splattering across the half-dead grass soon to become a field of human corpses. Her feet carried her swiftly through the remaining men standing as she slit their necks with the blade of the sword before any could react quick enough. Within a minute, all her pursuers were on the ground... dead.

So lonely, so lonely, I am with darkness.
I cry your name, hoping you would see me.
Within my fading touch, just frozen nights
And emptiness.
The star's lullaby...

She stood at the end of the bloody corpses, staring at the ground with empty eyes of violet. Her expression and manner was devoid of all life, leaving her hair matted wet against her head, and the rain dripped down her face, blending with the blood of others on her face. The sword was held by herside as the water from above washed the crimson liquid off the metal blade.

Many late nights of loneliness,
Embracing my icy tears.
You fill my mind, warming my heart,
Like the sun melting the snow.

A flute melody began to drift in the air. So sweet, so serene. The mysterious sound echoed through the forest and filled the clearing, originating from an unknown place, but it could be heard from miles around. The sword dropped from her side as she clutched her head in pain. She dropped to her knees in agony, wanting the precious music to stop, and when it started to fade away, she fell forward onto the wet grass, unconscious.

Straining my ears to hear your voice, my eyes close
Just to see the dreams of a new tomorrow.
Feeling this love always with me,
Guiding me to your heart.
So please wait for me...

The older girl, who had witness the deadly masscre, held onto her box securely, as she ran to the fallen girl. She put the box down and rolled the girl onto her back to examine her carefully. She closed her eyes and lifted her head in frustration to the skies as if blaming the gods on such a traumatic event in a child's life.

This feeling in my chest, beating just for you.
The gentleness staring at me from your eyes.
Waiting for that someday, I sit in my room
Quietly watching
The star's lullaby...

Her head whirled towards the crackling of branches to find a young man standing at the edge of the forest. She narrowed her eyes at him, but she still couldn't get a good look at his face. She brushed her bangs from her eyes and blinked a few times to get the droplets from her vision, eventually making out a smile on his face. Neither said anything at that time, but she noticed a lengthy, green flute in his hand.

With the wind and the falling stars of the heavens,
How many more moons will fade into darkness?
Even if the dream is still faraway,
It will come true.
I'll always believe..

The star's lullaby...