Go away!

By Kelly Holz

You think that we run in circles

But I know that it's point blank
We're on different planes, foo

And for that, I shall eternally thank

In your proof that you = me

You have a great big flaw

Me is replaced by the unknown girl x

Or maybe nobody at all

Your triangle shaped head annoys me

And speaking of triangles- this isn't right

I don't find it the least bit acute

I'm the width, but you're the height

Just give it up!

I'm a hexagon and you're a square

I'm # 1- you're in the negatives

And that's no ordered pair

You're the angle of my depression

You send me to the shrink!

We're not anywhere near parallel

Don't you even think?

I really hope you like my poem

Its better than your 4 line rhyme

So here's the answer to your equation

No- I won't be your valentine!