Hard to say

Is love,
Some say "We made love."
But don't you think of love as deeper,
as something unspoken between two people.
If sex is love,
love is screwed.
Did'nt use to be,
but now sex is something real to me.

I could I know,
but I don't love her,
I can't hardly even stand her.
Though I'm a guy,
and my friends say, think I'm crazy.
Love may come to them but they want the sex.
And it pushes me twisted,
that the girls like them better.
I may not be pretty, or exceptionally strong, or
even sound of mind,
But I have my puny principles.
The sad thing is if it were in front of me,
I would probably jump at the chance.
I want somebody to talk with and to share with,
but I don't get along with anybody, not even myself.
I not exiting,
and my state of mind is always changing.

I try to tell myself,
I'm tough and strong.
But I'm scared,
scared of confrontation, girls, and rejection,
for not being good enough.
I hear people say, If they reject you
there not good enough for you, anyway.
Well, what if no girl is good enough for me, anyway.