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(A/N): More like fanfiction? Well, perhaps, but it's been here for years and I didn't see fit to move it.

This story, in its first form, pleased me at the time, but after a while, it completely put me off. I didn't like it or the way it went, I thought it was too boring to continue, and I didn't think that it was written or laid out particularly well. I vowed that one day I would go back and fix it, and so here it is.

If you've read it before, you will see that it is quite a bit different. Since the days I was writing this, I have learned to write much better. So while the story so far remains the same, it is the way it has been told that I changed. I know there are many who will be happy that this rewrite and continuation has occurred.

Also, I would like to say that this is based from several different versions of Peter Pan, and much of it from my own imagination and just whatever I preferred. So before I am to be scolded because it is not completely true to the book, that's just the way the story goes. It is not, and cannot possibly fit with, the true story.


"And thus it will go on, so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless."

- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape



Storm. It was a night of storms. The girl recalled her father saying so. It would appear he had been right. The vicious wind blew her fair locks all about her face as the moon shone down on her from beyond a cloudy haze. Could there not have been some other night to be walking along the roof? Could this not possibly have waited until morning?

The light jingling of bells discouraged her from thinking. Through her tangling hair, she saw a tiny spot of light dancing before her, and though she could not understand the language of the pixie-creature, she understood the message. Peter wanted them to come back.

Wendy Moira Angela Darling had done a very adult thing, she thought. She had left the boy Peter as if he had been her lover, moving on past his childish ways. She wanted to be mature and grow up, but after a short time, it did not satisfy her. In her heart, she still loved him, and she knew that as long as she lived, she would never love another. For many nights, she had sat gazing at the window from her bed, fancying that he would come back and beg her to come back with him but he had not, and the girl had finally decided that he was too proud. That was, until this night.

The boy had not come himself – perhaps also because of pride – but he had sent that devoted, tinkling pixie of his to fetch them. Her tiny lips had smiled at them charmingly, and with only a delicate musical sound, she had ushered them to the roof. Wendy was proceeded in the unsteady winds by her brother John, and behind her she pulled along little Michael, five now.

They knew how this would work. It was a thing that no adult could believe in, which proved that she had not yet cast off her childhood completely. They were to think of happy thoughts while being sprinkled with pixie dust. Then, they would be able to ignore every rule of gravity that had been set down by God and float up to a place in the stars that did not really exist. It was all too magical and thrilling, even now. But the coming storm… Could they have not waited until after the storm?

The mischievous creature they knew as Tinker Bell began to pass over them, throwing her dust. Wendy was too busy thinking of Peter to notice the odd look on the pixie's face… The girl had a very easy happy thought inside her mind. It was that she would soon be back with Peter. Yes; he wanted her back. And when she came to him he would take her in his arms, hug her and kiss her, and tell her that he would never let her leave him again. They would have their forever.

Closing her eyes, Wendy stepped forward and let her weight drop from the roof.