If you have looked at my profile any time in the past year, you may have noticed that I moved my stories to Wattpad and left only a few chapters here to mark my place. I've been gone for several months, but here is what is happening with this story now:

I've decided that I might try to self-publish, but instead of publishing this as a continuation of Peter Pan, I've decided to make it my own story with different character names, and as such, it's going to need a new first book to stand in the place of the original Peter Pan story. I'm currently writing that now. So now, Forsaken Dreamscape will be the second book.

Of course, it is still based on the story of Peter Pan, and will contain all of the good stuff you know and love, but the character names will be different and it will be set up a bit differently.

For more information, please follow my blog for the project:www. projectnevermor. wordpress. com

Otherwise, feel free to join me on Wattpad, where the rest of this story is posted: www .wattpad. com user/Lani_Lenore

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