Warm winter mornings
Without any frost
While stumbling blindly,
For something was lost
An alarming realization
That set up a screen
And Wagnerian overtures
Helped come between

London was misty as
The Stukas would hail
But a change in the righteous
Would cause them to fail
It was like coming early
To find the war had been won
And Wagnerian overtures
Brought up the sun

When a crowd of the blind
Can suddenly see
Somehow it's more
And therein lies the key
We concluded the Empires
Had crumbled away
And Wagnerian overtures
Bade use to stay

Tell all the Germans that
The effort was there
And the loser quite often
Remains more aware
To remember the downtrodden
We turned facing East
While Wagnerian overtures
Ran darkness beneath

In the depth of the Winter
Still unlit by snow
You leaned in a blue-dusky
Iron-Cross glow
And somehow a monarch
Stood inside the gates
As Wagnerian overtures
Taught us to wait

You beat out the Marxists
And the Allied advances
While here in the Western world
I took my chances
And high over Dresden
The bomber planes flew
And Wagnerian overtures
Had to make due

You tell me the difference
Between a dream and a curse
Which one moves a people
Which one can be worse
While a man with his anger
Can transform a time
And our Wagnerian overtures
Left us behind

I think of you now
In your Messerchmidt haze
Your Ardennes smile
Your Luftwaffe gaze
Those Oak Leaves gleaming
On your tunic at night
And Wagnerian overtures
Closed off the light