"The Sun Over The Trees" had to include in 800 words or less:-
1. An opening sentence of no less than 25 words.
2. A closing sentence of no less than 25 words.
3. A cure for cancer, real or made up.
4. The following forms of punctuation must be represented at least once in the
story:  semicolon, em-dash, en-dash, and elipses.
5. A mention of the towers in New York.
"the life he had so recently left behind amid the towers of the New York Stock Exchange."
6. For a little twist on previous challenges, do NOT include these words:  Had,
though, suddenly, beautiful.
7. A short musical lyric (nod to D.B.) quoted or made up.

"...well I do want to be helpful

but it's cold and I'm told

you can't be too careful..."

Chantal Kreviazuk "Hands"

8. At least five lines of dialogue.
9. A mention of someone's birthday.
"I just don't see why you won't come home for your birthday."
10. The words 'challenge' and 'February' within the context of the story as well
as in the header. 

"the challenge was to be brave enough"

"calm February air"