Another victim in the 'dare'. or is he the cause.?
Why didn't I stop him?
From treating you so badly
I hated when you were upset
I was bleeding when your heart was broken.
Oh, it was all my fault
I should've asked you before him
But I thought you would be happy with him
And look at how wrong I was.
After he left without saying goodbye,
I tried to ask you out
But why did you reject me?
I wanted to know:
You said because you don't trust love no more
I looked at you with hurt in my eyes
It was all my fault
I made you upset
I made you cry
I gave him the chance of toying with you.
I should've protected you
When he came to you
I should stayed with you
When he was playing with your heart
I should've asked you out
When he started to lean on you
I should've told him to go away
When I knew that it was a dare
But I didn't
I didn't do anything but stare
I hated him
I hated the dare
But most of all I hated myself
Five years later
He came back
With all the love letters he wrote for you
I looked at him with disgust
But when I saw you looking into his eyes
I knew you still love him
After all the things he had done to you
You still love him
But there came no reply.
Don't worry my darling,
I understand,
But I want you to know that
I'll be there for you all the same
I'll protect you from now on
I'll stay with you from now on
I'll make you happy with all the love I have
And I'll always love you.