Silent skies, mystic dreams,

Listen to me, Tunes, I didn't mean

Never ever believing in me again,

Tunes, please don't cause this pain

I wasn't with them, you know it's true

So why are you doing this, just to make me blue?

Tunes, don't turn your back on me

Silently, I pray, please let everything be the way it used to be

It wasn't my fault, you know I'd try

Believe me, I really didn't lie

You never replied, you've made the inside me cry

An absolution lied behind, a glint of sadness gleamed your eye

Oh, am I ever sorry for asking you to face it,

When you knew there was no hope, I forced you to do what you did

Your crying still so vivid,

I didn't at how, mean it

I know, about me, you still blame

For you thought I'd help the way I claimed

But, seriously, I really did try,

It's a truth you just wouldn't buy

Sorry, was I

Staring into the deep night sky

I yearn for your friendship upon all I keep

Forgive me or guilt will never cease to seep