Another pile of 'poo-poo' from me and my many levels of PMS. And really, you don't have to flame it. It's my twisted mind's interpertation of a song that my friends said didn't make sense. So :P to you guys, I told you there was a story line, even if it took an insane person like me to find it. Some of you may recognize the song, some of you may not. It's not my song. Don't sue me.


It had come as a shock to him. He couldn't see, couldn't breathe. The walls were suffocating him. She was gone. His breathe came in short, ragged gasps. He was blinded by grief, suffocated by terror. Not Lizzy, he thought desprately. He could feel his heart breaking silently. She was dead. He'd never see her again.

He was alone now. There was no one to guide him through the night. No one to help him when he needed help. How would he make it alone? Was this how he was going to feel for the rest of his life? Alone? Terrified? Why couldn't he be with Lizzy again? He could feel the void in his heart where she used to be.


Life went on, but not as Trent would have wanted it to. After Lizzy had died, everyone mourned for a week, then it seemed as if she were forgotten. Just a memory to everyone but himself. Her face haunted him in his dreams, telling him she missed him, but it seemed that no one else were bothered by images of her in their sleep.

Now life seemed like a schedule to Trent. No fun, excitment or variety. Just a mechanical series of movements that kept going and going. His eyes lost their sparkle and emotion. He looked as though he had just gotten out of bed all the time. Just watching things happen. He sat in classrooms observing. He sat in his dorm, staring at nothing.

One day, he just snapped. It was late, but the dorm was empty except for Trent. "Lizzy?" he whispered. He wandered into the little kitchen, still whispering to 'Lizzy'. He looked down at the knife he was holding, feeling almost guilty. But this was the way. He could be with Lizzy now. This was the road to their endless love. They could be together again. Nothing could seperate them then.

Trent looked down again, slashing his wrists. He laughed insanely as the blood seeped from his wound. It was a hollow laugh, filled with a bitter hate. Suddenly, he seemed to wake up from a trance, and looked franticly at his wrists, but he no longer had control. His eyes glazed over again and he screamed. "Do you understand now, Lizzy? I thought you loved me! I know you can hear me. I'm coming for you! Then we can be together again, just like you wanted!"

He didn't have anywhere to go now, but to Lizzy. He was throwing it all away for her, his heart, body, and soul. She had been gone. She had put a void in Trent's heart, but now they would be together again.