All You Care About

[A/N: This is a MONOOOOLOGUE and doesn't need to RHYME.]

All you care about is my gtrades.
What I feel.
What I have done
How I feel
My health
Is irrelevant.
To maintain 4.0 GPA average is all you care about.
Not who I am
What I am.
All you care about is grades
It's irrelevant if I walk in with an amputated arm still bleeding freely
If the other is holding the Honor Roll.

What kind of life is this?
Worse than slavery, is it not?
For all I am to you is a machine.
A machine, churning out perfect grades
Only to be oiled now and then.

Who am I?
What am I?
Simply a machine to do and write homework?
Behaving like the model student I'm supposed to be?
When I look back on my childhood.
All I will see is my cold, hard life.
The true me, bottled up inside
Lost forever.

The fuel to life is love
And of that I have none.
I feel myself
My life
My world
Slowly dwindling away.
My spirit and my soul
And nothing is left
Except all you care about.

[A/N: Honor Roll could also be Principal's Award, whatever they call the award they give you at school. It just so happens it's called the Honor Roll at my school.]
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