A smile played those ebon lips as she reached down to pull a black, silk robe off the back of the chair and hide that scarred, ebon flesh. Her raven hair was pushed back from features so very human, but so very ebon. LaRuil, unlike some half-breeds, showed both sides of her parentage. Her right arm sporting the scarlet tattoo that curled around her arms, something she got to show her loyalty to her father's guild. Her eyes were now a beautiful, soft green, and lowering to regard the old, battered book that Dev had given her. A slow grin taking over her lips as she grabbed a brush to run through wet, raven hair.

She found herself thinking more and more about him, he had gotten her to laugh in the middle of her thoughts of Del. She missed him so much, missed his touch, taste, feel, scent, gods, she missed his scent most of all. Del had such a very unique scent, she didn't know it for a long time, but somehow, the drow always smelled like a spring rain.

A soft chuckle escaped her, spurring the fire in her room to a nice roaring blaze to warm up the room. She was enjoying her time alone quite a bit. It gave her time to think about all that had been going on, a secretive smile playing on her lips as she curled up in front of the fire, pulling a few blankets around her dark skin. She settled down to read the book from Dev with a gentle smile tugging her dark lips, briefly wondering if she should take his comments to heart and offer to tell him of her homeland. Dev had been so nice to her since she meant him, a smile crossing her lips as she got an idea to repay him. It wouldn't be that hard for her to translate this book into different languages, and he did prove to have a quick mind when he used it, perhaps that would be a good excuse to get to know him a little better, and teach him other languages, always useful in the long run.


She could see Del, beside her, but then, his familiar form wasn't there, raven locks pulled into a hasty braid, her hood slipping from their silky hold to pool about her shoulders, frightened ambers glanced behind her to see Del had stopped. What was he doing? Then she knew his intention, a cry escaping her lips as she dashed back to latch one ebon hand to his muscled arm.

He loved LaRuil too much, pulling her lips to his in a hasty kiss when she came to his side, then he gruffly pushed her the way out, pulling out his bastard sword to fight off the first drow male thrown his way. He didn't realize his love, the woman he fought for was standing there watching. Though, when he caught the faint image of raven hair paired with amber eyes out of the corner of his eye, his attention snapped to look back at LaRuil. For that action he received a nasty gash tearing through his armor on his left side. A low groan escaping him as he stumbled after LaRuil, taking another path where they'd be safe to stop for just a little longer.

"Del, qualla, yah Del, xuat el." (Del, please, gods Del, don't die.) Her voice shaking with the strain on her voice not to crumble to sobbing, his blood stained both of their hands. Her whole body was shaking with the realization of what he was doing. He was going to kill himself for her, just like her father had done only a few scant moments before.

"Inbau doeb d'ghil LaRuil, xsa ol!" (Get out of here LaRuil, damn it!) Those last two words escaping as a hiss while more creatures went searching, LaRuil conjuring darkness to hide them. She didn't have to see Del to know the pain on his ebon features, his beautiful, strong, masculine features. "Vel'drav dos shlu'ta." (When you can.) His voice holding regret as he spoke that, sighing as his blood covered hand slowly found her cheek.

"Usstan xuat ssinssrin ulu sevir dos." (I don't want to leave you.) Her voice feather soft against his hand, she could taste his blood, feeling the fresh, hot liquid stream down her cheeks. Then, she felt tears escaping her control, wanting to break down into sobs, he was leaving her. After all the promises, after all that had come between them, he was choosing now to leave her.

"LaRuil, dost ilharn zhah elghinyrr, usstan xuat ssinssrin dos ulu el." (LaRuil, your father is dead, I don't want you to die.) There was a desperation in his voice before another low groan escaped him, slowly his lips found her in this magical darkness. She could taste the tang of blood, and gods, it made her heart ache from knowing she wouldn't have him.

As his lips parted from hers, her own hand moved to gently rest on his cheek, she loved him so very much. "Jhal nind orn elgg dos ichl." (But they will kill you too) She worried more for him than for her own life, it was almost touching in its own way, but it only frustrated Del.

"Vel'drav usstan telanth usstan orn'la el whol dos, usstan uil ver'n." (When I say I would die for you, I'm serious.) He was losing his breath and fast, his blind gaze moving behind him with his hand slipping from her cheek. He had to hide her trail.

"Ka dos dro, orn dos lor whol ussa?" (If you live, will you look for me?) She grabbed his arm gruffly in calloused hands as she spoke. She had to know that he'd be there for her, be waiting for her. She had to know that there was always that chance.

"Ka usstan dro, gaer zhah naubol wun nindol tresk'ri nindel orn ser ussa tarthe." (If I live, there is nothing in this world that will keep me away.) His rich voice pouring over her gentle pointed ears, and as the magical darkness evaporated around them, he leaned forward for another kiss. They were still left in darkness, but now infravision could spot the bright red of fresh blood from Del.

"Usstan orn zuch ser dos ussta xukuth, Del." (I will always keep you in my heart, Del.) Her voice was pained as she let those tender words slip from her mouth, leaning forward to tenderly wipe the blood from his ebon lips, but it was too late, the warriors were so close. The tunnel to the surface was at her back, she knew the way well, Del had told her and showed her numerous times.

"Usstan orn neitar gotfrer dos. Streea shlu'ta naut ser udossa maglust." (I will never forget you. Death can not keep us apart.) His words were spoke softly before he bit back the pain and charged into the group of drow coming in on them. LaRuil's heart felt it would shatter at the sight he made, feeling still warm blood trickle down her cheek, his blood..

"Usstan orn kyorl whol dos pholor l'shinduago." (I will watch for you on the surface.) She had to yell that to him, not wanting to leave his side, but, as he'd earlier told her to do, she was slowly backing up. She'd wait for his response before she ran.

"Qualla LaRuil, fridj alu, usstan orn kyorl whol dos wun avariel." (Please LaRuil, just go, I will watch for you in eternity.) Those words broke a sob from LaRuil, but as Del fought for her freedom, she spun on her heel and ran. Not once did those ambers look behind her, she just ran, and kept running, even when she couldn't breathe. She finally collapsed in that forbidden place, that place without mercy, that place where no one would ever forgive her.


Her scream was torn from her throat, frantically reaching forward, amber eyes blind as she tried to grab onto the fleeting image of Del's final plea. She should have died that day, she should have laid down and died with Del. She shouldn't have ever arrived here.

Those tears stung her eyes as her left hand strained forward frantically, not even noticing the harsh pain of a flame burning flesh until the smell came to her, another hoarse cry escaping her lips as she yanked her hand back to her chest. Those eyes slowly focusing on her now burnt hand, then at the book dropped at her side. The dreams were getting so much worse, and she could do nothing to stop them.