Hi! Lady Jenna here! Well, that was the end of it. For this book anyway (hint, hint.) Anyway, I figured I'd give you a little look at the, well, "making of" I guess. You know, who I named who after, why this story wasn't like the first, that sort of thing…


Okay, Jonathan Rose Park. I suppose this is paying homage to Jonny Quest, a show that got me into writing in the first place. Rose is just to give it a femine touch to take away from her being named Jonathan. Park is after Spiderman himself, I guess, Park in stead of Parker. And it wasn't until after I was finished did I realize that the Rose Parks resembles Rosa Parks. This was not intentional.

Ellen is actually named after my Geometry teacher. I was in her class when I was trying to come up with names for Jonny's sisters and she walked past me so I figured why not.

Sarah, both in name and personality is a friend of mine. Very political, she'll rule the world one day.

Alex is a boy in my class who I don't particulary care for.

Max is named after Maxine Gibson from Batman beyond, one of my all time favorite cartoons.

Mark's name I didn't get a choice with, really. I knew Jackie would be the type to name her son after her father, and I had mentioned that Mark was Jackie's father in the first book. It had been the first name to come to my mind.

Fabian, the Walker's dog, is named after a 50's 60's singing star, I think he came on an episode of Laverne & Shirley once.

Anna is a name I've always like, I have a bunch of character named Anna. I like a lot of A names. A, E, and J I use a lot.

Martin, Anna's little brother is named after a guy in my class named Martin Martin Jr. No, seriously, that's his name…

Benny is a guy in my class who has always been nice to me, I think I used to have a crush on him but that went away like the rest of them.

Harley, Benny's sister is of course Harley Quinn from the Batman cartoons and comics. I'm a Batman fan, if you haven't noticed by now.

I don't know where I got Jake from, it might be Jake McCarthy from the Witchblade comic. I probably read it and thought "hey I haven't used that one yet." Gordon is again a Batman reference. James and, my all time fav character, Barbara Gordon. The Ex- Police Commisoner and personal friend of the bat's, and Batgirl and later Orcale.

Bonnie Myers, Bonnie isn't from anything but Myers is the last name of a guy who was in my 4th grade class.

Dwayne "Coach" Summers is named after two people. The first being Dwayne Johnson, otherly know as "The Rock." I'm in no way a wrestling fan, it's just a Johnson thing. Summers is from Scott Summers from X-Men, my fav X-Men character.

Little Meagan for we see in the first chapter or so is actually a friend of mine again in both name and character. The only difference between the real Little Meagan and the fake Little Meagan was that the real one is Italian and the fake one is Hispanic.

I'll just do the cast of Much Ado About Nothing in one thing. Denzel Hall (Benedict) is named after Denzel Washington is a favorite of mine and Hall is from the fact that I came up with him while walking in the hall. Nicole Carey (Hero) is actually Nicole Barry who was in my class last year. Jared and Adrian Addams (Antonio and Leonato) were guys I worked with during the summer three years ago. Ken Kudou (Boratico) was named after Ken from Weiß Kruez.

Ricky Jackson (Dee's son, he went to the school in Buffalo Jonny used to go to) was named after a friend of mine who wanted to be in the book.

Pearl Burns is name after two people again, Burns being both a Scottish poet (my family is very Scottish, I mean Hell, we go to the Robert Burns Dinner every year) and Tucker Burns, a character on the SciFi show The Chronicle. (A show which they cancelled by the way, just in case we didn't think they were complete morons already for canceling The Invisible Man)

Meagan Kramer, the woman who hit Tommy's car, she's a friend of mine too who wanted to be in the story. She wanted to kill more people but I convinced her that one was enough.

Molly is actually named after a girl I didn't like growing up, I couldn't come up with a reason Jonny would name her that so I gave her my own.

Mrs. Lieberman is named after a friend of mine who I haven't talked to for awhile.

What I Didn't Say

Jonny's mother's name is Frances, after my best friend. (This is actually the second time I've named a person after this friend, the first times was Michelle Sanchez in the first book which is my friend's middle name. Michelle Sanchez was a bad guy so I figured I'd make it up to her)

Jonny likes science, African music, and is left handed.

Mark is acrophobic and allergic to nuts as well as mushrooms.

Mark and Benny are Atheists, while Anna is catholic.

Stephen Jackson, Ricky's father and Dee's husband, is white, so dee did end up not marrying a black man.

Jake died 1:34 PM 7-12-09

Jonny's birthday is July 1st.

Jake's birthday is June 30th.

Jake's father died while rowing a boat.

Jonny died at 1:47 in the morning.

Mark plays the saxaphone like his father, Benny plays the drums, and Anna plays the guitar.

Inside Jokes

Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite Shakespearean play.

I actually looked up why Beatrice refers to benedict as "Mountanto" only to discover that no one actually knows.

I want a Glenn of Imaal terrier, they're so cute, really.

Mrs. Lieberman is a parody of Mrs. Sarach who has to be one of my favorite teachers of all time. She retired this year so I'll miss her.

The body cast Pearl made of Jonny in Art class… I actually did that to my friend Sarah (the same one Jonny's sister is named after) Sarah 2, we call her, in standing in my living room. She's missing an arm, but she's standing.

Oedipus the King which Mr. Walker has the class read, is part of my AP English summer reading list.

"The Bogus Adventure," the pub tha Alex works at, the title pays homage to Bill and Ted. Party on dudes! (By the way, in "Bill &Ted's Excellent Adventure," Bill admitted to having a "minor Oedipal Complex")


I don't know. I was riding home on the bus and thoughts starting coming to me for a novel. "Oh what of there was a girl with a tumor or something, oh! What if it's killing her!" and I started liking the idea and eventually talked myself into it. I honestly don't know where it came from.

Other Things

I'm not sure which story I'll be writing next. I started a few but got through one chapter and, I don't know… I'm just suffering a low after the last one. I had one idea but it was stupid then I had another but it was death again and I felt a little "deathed out." But I've started another one now and I think I'll like this one. If I do like it you'll probably see it pop up somewhere.

For all of those people who have been wondering, yes, I am trying to get my books published. I bought Writer's Market 2002 and am currently going through it.

Well that's all I can think of, hope it amused you in someway. Well, I have writing and reading to do, so see you later!