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She woke suddenly. She didn't know why. All around her was an eerie, unnatural silence. There was a dead sort of stillness in the air. She was shrouded in a cloak of darkness barring one thin shaft of silver light which had managed to penetrate the thick blanket of gloom. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she could just make out the faint, ghostly outlines of the furniture in her room, all bathed in various shades of melancholy dark blue.

Water. She thought. She rose uncertainly groping her bedside table for support. The marble floor felt cold and slick underneath the bare soles of her feet. She stumbled out into the long, narrow hallway, her hands brushing against the cool plaster of the wall, feeling her way toward the kitchen.

She could now see better. She reached for the glass pitcher. Water trickled steadily into her glass. She waited till it was full before walking out into the living room sipping slowly, letter the water wet her parched throat. She ran her tongue over dry, cracked lips moistening them. She casually threw her gaze toward her wall-to-floor glass balcony door. She frowned. Squinted.

The glass slipped from her hands and shattered. Shards of clear glass pricked her feet. Water seeped across the floor swiftly wetting the hem of her nightdress. A silent scream issued from her lips.

Blood smeared on her balcony doors. Fresh crimson blood. She clawed her flushed cheeks hysterically features frozen in a perfect tableau of human terror. Fear consumed her like a predator savagely, hungrily devouring its prey, limb by limb… ensnared her. She felt the horrible sensation of being plunged into an ice cold shower naked and wholly vulnerable. Her eyes, wide open, soaked up the sordid scene violently forced into her sight - Wall high words scrawled crazily like graffiti on public buildings only much, much worse. She saw the flowers - a bouquet of dried, blood red roses lay on floor outside, vivid petals drenched in a patch of silver moonlight. Streaks of scarlet fluid slid down the smooth glass doors leaving a ruby-coloured trail, and dripped onto the white tiles forming little puddles of red reflecting the pale, silent moon, underneath the message…