The trees swayed lightly as a cool breeze blew through the area, their purple leaves falling gently to the ground. Otono was here, a time of many festivals for the people of the Zanca Dimension. Some young children giggled as they ran after each other around the playground. Their feet shuffling about the freshly fallen leaves of the kanteck trees. While the sky was colored in the brilliant blue and the sun was shining down upon the people with good fortune, another force was also watching. A more sinister and evil one. One which created an eerie feeling throughout the town, one of sorrow, hatred and fear.

Flashes of lightning crashed about the sky violently in a colorful fireworks type display, at the same time adding all the more mystery to the ancient fortress that lurked about within the shadows of a dense fog.

A dark, sinister figure loomed about a window ominously. For a while it stood there, watching and waiting. A gloved hand scratched at its chin as the form let out a dismal chuckle. How easy this was going to be. The figure began thinking to itself. How foolish these mortals are, all of them. How easily they would fall, it continued silently. Another chuckle escaped from it's lips, this time more bone chilling. As if on cue the wind began howling, joining in with the evil presences laughter.

Haste footsteps approached the mysterious stranger before stopping abruptly, "Sire, I am pleased to report that the people of this dimension have no arsenal of any kind," a gruff voice began, "Your troops await your.." he stopped suddenly as the figure held up a hand, not turning around.

Kazimierz, the loyal follower and right hand man of this abstruse empire whos evil was incomprehensible to the normal person, waited "patiently", until his leader finally spoke, in deep voice, "Destroy them.." it stated simply, "all of them," the form finished, nothing but hatred spewing forth from it mouth as it spoke.

A smug grin spread across his face from ear to ear "With pleasure," turning on his heel, Kazimierz walked off, hand gripping the sword at his side.

"Mommy, mommy," the young women felt a slight tug on the hem of her skirt and looked down at her son, smiling softly she knelt down, "What is it honey?" she asked while straightening out the tattered yellow wind breaker he wore. "Look!" the little boy replied in awe as he pointed up at the sky, just staring at it. His mother looked up as well but the expression on her face was far from one of curiosity and awe. Her eyes widened as her face w0ent pale, a look of terror crossing over it. Other people had also stopped to watch the strange phenomenon. Paralyzed in sheer horror and shock, they were unable to react and were caught in the midst of a blast of energy so powerful that it decimated five entire blocks of the city at one time. Then came the foot soldiers. They were to kill or capture anyone found alive after the previous attack.

Kazimierz chuckled evily as he sauntered about the streets, before coming upon the form of a young woman. She was laying on the ground, huddled over her son protectively. He could tell she was visibly shaken but for some reason sensed a great power eminating about her. Pulling out his sword, Kazimierz poked her a couple of times causing the woman to jump. She coughed, looking up at him out from under her eyelashes as if hiding behind them. With one swift kick, he knocked her aside and over onto her back. When all she did was groan and lay there, not going anywhere he scoffed and continued on his way, not wanting to waste his time on such a weakling. Quietly though, he wondered how she was able to survive a blast like that. With a pause he stopped but then just shook his head, laughing gruffly to himself.

Seconds seem to turn into minutes and minutes into hours as the young woman lay there on the ground, waiting for Kazimierz to be out of her sight before getting up. She groaned as she struggled to sit up, placing a hand on her forehead. As she shook her head the grim surroundings finally came into focus as they stopped spinning. Distraughtly, the woman looked around for her son, finally noticing his small body laying lifelessly beside her own. With a shakey arm she wiped the sleeve of her torn blouse across her tear swollen eyes and gazed down at him. She looked away quickly when her eyes threatened to burst but then glanced back again, eyes lingering for a moment. An eternity seemed to pass as she sat there in shock of the current events. Slowly the reality of what was happening finally came into play as the shock wore off. Unable to hold it back anymore, the young woman threw herself onto her son, sobbing as she hovered over him protectively. For a while she just layed there, cradling his still body in her arms, rocking back and forth. A sudden crash of thunder and a flash of lightning snapped her out of her trance and she looked up as it started to pour. Wearily, she finally stood up, her son in her arms as she trudged off through the rain towards home, or what was left of it, silently vowing revenge.