Rash words
not really meant
just Lashed out
Heat of the moment
Mouth Ran away
ahead of the Brain
Lips still moving
Eyes register Pain.

I never set out to hurt anyone,
I just got too intense
The Horse locked the door behind him
before I got common sense.
I didn't aim to hit so hard,
I just released some pressure
slipped and caught Achille's Heel
victory without pleasure.

Random thoughts
not well-considered
just Spoke Aloud
plans ill-conceived
Mouth talked away
disobeying Brain
Lips kept moving
Eyes register Pain.

I didn't stop to think it out, the cens-
ors were doing lunch.
I delivered the fist to someone's face
didn't know the force of the punch.
Forgot I wore stilleto heels
when my feet applied the pressure.
Kicked my self with boots of steel
pain without the pleasure.

Guilt-ridden thoughts
too late considered
can't take back
words ill-advised
Mouth can't rewind
to please the Brain
Lips stop moving
Eyes fill with Pain.