His fury caused his wings to grow
and so fast was his flight
the journey (takes three days you know)
was made in just one night!
When he reached the Court of the King of the land
he confronted him right there.
The quaking King could neither stand
nor lie beneath his glare.

When Just was done the King had changed
he left the palace crazed
the courtiers saw him seem so strange
and were indeed amazed.
The King wandered around
till he reached Dunaree
and he can still be found
wand'ring there cackling madly.

Whilst Just in his sadness
now the Princess he sought
to find out her true nature
was his one and only thought.
But the Princess the state
of her father she had seen
and had on his throne fixate
and anounced herself new Queen.

In her first act she said
the sight of Just made her annoyed
she ordered him executed
and declared their contract void.
Sadly for this order
there was really no need
for when Sir Just saw her
his broken heart began to bleed

and he stumbled to the throne
as that great heart ceased to pound
in his last breath fell prone
on the queen and throne and crown.
So poor Just's tragic tale
fin'ly came to an end
but his legacy didn't fail
so fear you not my friend.

Krahn the mighty he came
and set the kingdom to rights
and in Just's revered name
ordered no more deadly fights.
He gave the ravine of Kohm
and the mountains of Lonyea
for the dragons to call home
and they live there to this day.

Amongst his winged brethren
Just's tale began a welcome trend
and all feasting on humans
came to a sudden end.
Sir Just's pyre still burns
on the Plain of Dunaree
and all young children learn
by Krahn's Law his sad story.

But a river never ends
onwards it ever flows
so are stories, my friends,
and we know not where it goes.
This tale I have written
while I typed it has changed
life can not be predestined
things are not pre-arranged.

So I cannot tell you
what in your future pends
but the story will continue
however your part ends.
Whether you live in England,
China, or the Plains of Dunaree
whether you flee or stand
you will leave a legacy.