I walk in a paradise

I walk in a paradise

A sculptured garden of ice

The hardened snow crust

Crunching beneath my feet

Ignoring the numbness in my fingers

I reach out to touch the glistening crystal falcon

As it wings by

To be one with its fierce freedom

To be one with its graceful flight

But it shatters

The very shards melting in my fingers

I have ruined its beauty

It is never to soar the windy skies again


A puddle lies frosting over on the frigid ground

I turn frightened and saddened

And glimpse the running horse

I catch its glittering mane with my fingers

But it breaks, brittle as the falcon

It turns its head towards me

A reproving, sad look on its face

As it sinks slowly to the ground and disappears

I look about


And caress the leaping, playing dolphin in its ocean of ice

If only one survives

For me to remember…

But no

It emits a squeaky wail

As it descends beneath the choppy waves

And vanishes forever

I cover my face with my hands

Wondering why I am destroying this place with all its awesome creatures

And realize that I am the kind


Who has destroyed the balance of nature.