Tell me where in the Bible

It tells of the trials of a broken spirit


The heroes of the bible

Always had faith and strength

Even when afflicted with all the world's ills

Tell me:

Where is the broken human being

In God's plan?

What good

What possible benefit

Can come from the depths of lifelong pain

That goes beyond the physical

And encompasses the heart and mind entirely?

If you can find a passage to explain

Why Jesus never cured depression

Or exorcised schizophrenia-

I'll never break Lent again

And go to mass every week

And never neglect the collection plate

I'll receive the sacraments,

Yes, I'll even get confirmed

But don't bother;

It doesn't exist.

The church lied

God does give some people more pain than they can stand

and then suicide


sends them to hell

for their sins.

But God loves you.