The Misconception

I'm writing this because I've been noticing a lot of misconceptions about anarchy.

A lot of people think that it is all about destroying things or running amuck in places we
shouldn't be. While, many "Anarchists" believe that this is all it's about, they're
incorrect and give a very bad name to real anarchists. It's hard to believe that a person
would deface a wall or destroy something without reason.

Anarchists, I believe, are given a bad-rap because of the way society portrays us.
CNN, ABC, NBC and all other big news companies show us just doing horrible things, when
usually it's not us at all. It's usually some type of poser who thinks all anarchy is is
drinking, drugs, destroying things, and believing what others around them say.

Anarchy is an anti-state, anti-capitalist movement struggling for true freedom for
all people. Some people choose to show their opinions in different ways. For instance, it
would not be out of place to hear about an anarchist breaking a clock or standing against
a teacher, because they don't agree with the way of their teachings. As many people know,
the government runs school. So, you'll see an anarchist speaking out against a school.
They (school boards) seem to only have one track-narrow minds, and, that's what we need to
fight against.


One last suggestion before I finish. Try reading. It will help you form your own
opinions. Keeping an open mind to new and exciting speculations.

Written By: Ezra, 02/19/02

"Sitting in what was designated the "Co-operation Zone" by Seattle Police Sergeant Richard
Goldstein They sat heads bowed -- listening as the Police methodically shot pepper spray
-- one eye at a time -- into the eyes of our passive brothers and sisters
Whore like police -- playing judge, jury and executioner for there pimp like bosses in
the World Bank and the W.T.O. This is not justice, this is not the rule of, "The Servants
of the People"
Such tyranny brings ruling classes crashing to the ground, and contemporary societies to
an end."
"Seattle Was A Riot", Anti-Flag