Hi peoples. My very first attempt at a real short story, instead of fanfic. I'm also working on a longer short story, this one is teeny. It took up like 3/4 of a page when I wrote it out. Oh well, I think it'd loose some of its affect if it were really long.


Rae had never been the same since. She would sit motionlessly for hours on end, staring vacantly out her window. Maybe she was dreaming of when Zach was still there with her. Maybe her consious mind was drifting in the empty void of her head.

Of course, Zach's death had been a shock to everyone. He had been friends with everybody, he hadn't had an enemy in the world. Rae knew she lived in a cruel world when the only boy she loved was killed for no reason at all, except for the entertainment of two insane boys with guns.

"Rae?" Rae turned her head towards the soft, questioning voice. It was Jenna. "Rae?" she repeated, "I know it's been hard on you, but are you going to be alright again?" Of course, Rae didn't answer, just stared emotionlessly at the 10 year old. Jenna looked at Rae's blank eyes and began to cry softly.

Her older sister was nothing more than a shell. She didn't even seem human anymore. Rae's eyes seemed as though they were made of stone. Showing nothing, seeing nothing. Just windows to a empty soul.

Jenna's sobs continued, as she sat by Rae. Finally she left the room, but Rae was oblivious to the click of the lock, or the dying of Jenna's sobs. Her eyes wandered across the white walls of the asylum, before resting blindly on the window again.