Violent hands grab.

No time to screa-

Flung onto grimy pavement

Blinding white pain

Streaks up spine

Horrible jolt.

Anguish. Agony.

Cry out.

Oh Lord help me please help me.

A sihouette

No time to -

Smeared in dirt, sweat, tears.

Disgust. Revulsion.


Fresh needle-sharp


Hits me like a barrage

Of small jagged stones

Penetrate, Bore into me

Cry out.

I know what it is but I don't believe it…No…

Crimson river flows

White hot burning sensation

Torn in more ways than one.

Like fragile glass…


Staring at the red-streaked sky

Through blurred vision

Pain starts to ebb.

Grief never will.

Let me die.