"The Dead Before Me Rises"
© Devil Doll

Digging deeper into what's behind me
Necrophiliac urges
Murderous escapades
Cannibal adventures
My heart thuds with anticipation
As the knife makes a slicing sound
And the dead before me rises

A greeting of eternal lust
Rot and decomposition stench
A convulsion
Spirits, demons, and ghosts within
A soft call
Tears of sorrow
A cry of pain
As the dead before me rises again

A look around the corner
Lurking in the dark shadows
Moving swiftly in the night
Shudders of fear and fright
Clenching eyes closed tight
Afraid of what might be seen
Images dancing in my head
A dragging of dead weight
Cold hands on my shoulders
As the dead before me rises

Death blooming up ahead
Decomposing corpses
Skeletons of the dead
Hanging and dancing inside my head
Blood dripping off of amputated limbs
Decapatated bodies
Decapatated heads
Skin overalls sewn together
Stitched eyes
Stitched mouths
Stitched prayers
Stitched hearts
Cold damp
Blood covered hands
Breath clamp
Dropped knife
Lungs squeezed... Air unreachable
The voices ringing louder in my ears...
Images before me swirl into color
As the dead before me rises