Another Sappy Love Song On The Fm Radio

I never really saw you

Some might say I never could

But I'm not quite here or within

The eaon of this world

Depleted underneath the steely bonds of hallucinating

Queers stoned gently in the night

I marauded on the streets and warred

And never really saw you

Don't have respect for me now that I am gone

Forgotten like a note on an artic evening wind

I'm a remebrance you'll soon forgot

Move on

and slumber away the sensation

Mangy as a thsouand coyotes in the desert night

Not quite solid in the veil of the minds eye

Hiding out beneath a small battlement of water-sodden cardboard

Mind as junk yard



Full of rats

It wasn't really anything at all

And you'll forget

Memories don't last

Disappering beneath a sardonic mist of neurons and synapes

Receding into a silent evening of eternity

Leave me be

And let me recede from your minds eye

My face a sudden thought to glissade down a slope of realization

Snowed and turned white


It never was anything at all

And you'll forget

I never really was in this place

And you could feel it

Evidenced by my eyes cool and blue

as the paint on a new car

Stolen in the saccharine sweetness of a summer's evening

You knew I was never there and susquently disregarded

Belligrintely absconding the vestige of realization that I was just a portrait

Of a former sincere self

It wasn't what you thought

And you'll forget

I'd died long ago, and you didn't need to understand

Just to watch me wither in an October frost

There was never any light behind my eyes

Though there may have been at some point in a quick-forgotten past

I never really understood

And you didn't have to.

Permanance came

Unexpected in the sudden light of a clicked on porch light

No more memories ever to be made or lost

Thoughts turning off in the death knell of self

I wasn't a moth in the light anymore