I was amazed. Soaring through the air, the wind whipping my hair behind me...it was an awesome feeling. We must have been doing...I thought. At least 80 mph, possibly more. Imagine you're sitting in a car that's doing 80 mph. Now imagine you're on top of that car. Now imagine you're on top of a car, doing 80 mph, that's ten miles in the air. And there are no seatbelts, you are holding onto a shoelace -- OK, a very long shoelace -- that's been looped over the car. Now you know what riding a dragon feels like. Amendil was very careful, though, constantly asking to make sure I wasn't about to fall off. Just in case, we were the highest up, so I could land on one of the others if I fell. Finally, I guess we reached our destination, because Amendil dropped -- a very scary experience for me-- circled, then landed gently in a clearing. The others followed, gently placing the unicorns down. Th-th-the Black is coming. Hikeekee-il said. Only a mile awaaay. The dragons sprang into the air, and the unicorns and I followed on the ground. It wasn't long before we, too, saw the Black. Up close I could truly appreciate it's size. It must have been fifty feet long, about Cornarth's size. Our dragons winged up to it. It ducked it's head under its neck, and spat fire. Wind-catcher swung to the side and I feared she'd been hit. But no, she was circling behind it. None of us noticed when the rest of the unicorns joined us again; we were so caught up in the fight. There was a sudden explosion of light as Amendil, Menuytly, Martoh, and Hikeekee-il flamed at once, right into the Black's face. It twisted away with a scream, dropping several feet before it caught itself. The great wings opened, and it wheeled up with a snarl. A silver blur fell from the sky just then, and Wind-catcher dug her back talons into the Black's back. It fell, instantly, and I realized she must have hit it's heart or something; there was no doubt that it was dead. Just in case, the others followed it down, clawing and flaming. Allak was the first to speak. "Wow." Which just about said it all. It was then that we noticed the others.

"Good job, younguns." Ronday said. "Let's go see what's happening with the dragons." We ran in the direction where we'd seen them go down and found the dragons carefully circling the black. Cornarth looked up.

It is dead. We had to make sure, because they often appear to be dead when they're really quite alive. We thank you all for your help.

Ronday bowed politely. "It was our pleasure. After all, we were in as much danger as you, and we'd lost a few of our people to it."

I feel for your losses. said Cornarth, and the other dragons repeated it. Apparently, it was some sort of ritual. What will you do now?

"Go home I suppose. Tell the rest of the people what it was and that it's been killed. And of course, I'll tell them about the help we received from our dragon friends."

Oh, do! Exclaimed Martoh. We would all like to reopen the channels of friendship with our unicorn neighbors. I watched and listened until I couldn't stand it anymore.

"What about me, huh? I can't go back to the streets, I just can't! Especially not after all this! I doubt I could survive for much longer and…" I paused for breath.

"Why, you will stay with us of course! With the unicorns!" Ronday sounded surprised the issue would even come up, as if it was a given that I should stay with them. "Of course, if you want to?"

"Of course I want to!" I exclaimed. "I'd love to!"

"But wait a minute." Cangee said. "A journal was found that described the creature the searchers were trailing…what we've been assuming is this black…as having blue fur and leaving a trail along the ground. So that what…"

Oh, that's easy. Wind-catcher answered. Every once in a while, there's a mutation, where a black can change it's shape. Not like the reds and pinks, but enough to disguise themselves. What you describe sounds like a shapeshifted Black, most likely leaving a false trail for the searchers.

"Oh. OK." Cangee answered. "Do we go home now?"

"We go home now." Ronday confirmed. And we did.


It has been three years since that all happened. I am now seventeen, but I won't remain human much longer. The unicorns know of a way to change a person's shape into that of a unicorn, for beings of any species that are unhappy with their lives as they are. In two more weeks I will take on the shape of a unicorn forever, or at least for the rest of my life. Allak and I have only grown closer, and will probably join together in the unicorn equivalent of marriage when we're old enough. There's even talk of reviving the old human-unicorn relationships. Slowly, of course, for we are not fools. But chances are it will start in your lifetime. So if you're ever walking along, and you see a field where there should be no field, and there are horses in it - but then you see that no, they cannot be horses because they have horns…go over and say hi would you?