Virtual Addiction

There's nothing left to do on this not-so-innocent piece of metal and plastic;
I should be signing off.
But I feel as if there's one more thing,
One more action left to do...
One more key to press,
One more word to type,
One more game to play,
One more e-mail to write.
I've entrusted my life into this machinery;
Why I do not know.
There is more to life than a computer,
But I can't tear my eyes away from the screen,
Or my fingers from the keyboard,
My right hand from the mouse.
I hear my mother coming,
She's coming up the stairs,
To tell me to log off.
I should, shouldn't I.
Maybe I will.
But I'll come back
To press another key,
To type another word,
To play another game,
To write another e-mail.
Is there a cure
To Virtual Addiction?