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Chapter 6: Kisa


Dina slowly got up on her two feet, keeping her eyes on the ground. She could feel the burning embarrassment evident on her flaming cheeks. There she was, the best way to impress a guy, falling unexpectedly into his room, throwing herself right at his feet. She ran her fingers through her hair, silently told her heart to shut up, and grinned up at him.

"Oh...hi!" she said casually, as if tumbling into male strangers' bedrooms was an everyday thing. "Fancy seeing you here...er, nice weather, ain't it?"

His eyes has lost the astonishment they'd possessed just a moment ago, and has now reverted back to its original hard, blue sapphire gaze, unfathomable. He gazed at her steadily, silently, and she felt her face turn an even darker shade of scarlet as his eyes began to make their way over her body.

What is he doing?



Dina felt very ashamed of herself, and gave herself a silent whack for thinking that he was interested in anything more than her new attire. Nevertheless, she did a girly twirl on her feet, an action completely against her normal personality, and attempted what she thought was a cute smile.

"Er...yeah...new clothes. Your...sister gave them to me. Kira. Well? How do I look?"

He gave her a look which plainly said 'This girl is crazy,' before striding out of the room, holding a wooden platter in his hands, which had a small ceramic pot standing on it. He paused for a second, as if contemplating an extremely indecisive issue, and then shrugged slightly, giving her a small smirk.

"I guess they suit you." 

Dina very nearly smacked her hand to her forehead. So much for trying to impress this dude; he's as cold and emotionless as stone. Scowling at his sarcastic comment, she rushed after him and, following about a pace behind, began shouting Japanese abuse at him.

His face remained emotionless for about thirty seconds through her impossible to comprehend and loud as hell taunting, before a small smile cracked through his hard exterior layer, and before she knew it, he was cracking up right then there, in the middle of the pathway, holding a plastic platter in his hands. 

Her jaw dropped to the ground, and stayed there. She was staring at him so hard that her eyeballs were threatening to pop out. She wasn't the only one. Servants passing also stared at their master with looks of the utmost astonishment and shock. 

Dina stood there flabbergasted for about 2 minutes, before Sakui finally stopped his hysterical guffawing and quickly recomposed himself, morphing his face back into an expression of cold, hard ice.

"Er...baka?" Dina squeaked out. 

Sakui coughed softly and gave her the tiniest of smiles. Dina was still staring at him in shock. Did she just witness the most unfathomable and obscure guy she has ever met break down into uncontrollable fits of laughter right in front of her and in plain daylight too?

No way.

"You can, um, close your mouth now, Dina."

"Huh? Oh yeah..." 

Sakui turned swiftly and continued down the stone pathway, his robes swishing softly behind him. Dina stared at his back for a while longer before suddenly jerking herself back into reality, and rushing after him. He turned to face her as they walked, his face seeming somewhat friendlier than before.

"You're a very interesting person, you know? I've never met anyone like you. Many girls I meet usually try to impress me with either status, beauty or feminine qualities, yet you will yell at me in a totally foreign language with no femininity whatsoever. Thank you, I had a good laugh."


"Although do try to act more lady-like, your tomboyness is quite unbecoming."

"Wha? I...but...you...argh, forget it," Dina gave him a big grin. This Sakui...he may still be as silent and dark and cold as always, but she might be a step closer in truly understanding him.

They walked in silence for the rest of the way, Dina's mind lost in a world of China, Sakui, food, Sakui, plans to get home, Sakui, her grandmother, and Sakui. They finally stopped in front of a huge tiled building, which seemed larger than even the largest mansions Dina has seen. 


"This is the main house of the Fung household, where all other family members, servants, teachers and councilors live. Your room is a guestroom, which are separate apartments located along our courtyard and other gardens."

Dina nodded, and decided not to ask where his room was. She stared around for a while, observing her surroundings and the beautifully carved tiles and the healthy plants and everything else that seemed incredible to her young eyes, before realizing that Sakui was just standing there, still holding that platter in his hands, and looking at her.

"What? Is there something on my nose?"

"No...I'm just waiting for you to leave."

"What? Why? I'm not leaving. I have nothing to do. Hello, I just kinda went through a few centuries of portal dimensions and you expect me not to be bored?"

He shrugged, and, balancing the platter expertly in one hand, gently pushed open two huge double doors, revealing a huge polished marble hallway, which lead up to stairs which split into three corridors. Sakui stepped swiftly up the stairs and into the left corridor, while Dina struggled to catch up with his fast pace, and at the same time trying to catch all the views. The corridor was still wide, and there were huge pillars holding the ceiling up situated every five metres. Numerous scrolls hung on the walls - watercolour paintings, calligraphy writing and anything artfully Chinese one can think of. Vases of flowers stood on small stone tables located randomly down the corridor, with varying types of crafted vases and different types of perfumed flowers in each.

"Wow...your family must be rich."

He ignored her comment and stopped outside a door. He lifted his hand and was about to knock when he paused and turned back to Dina, opening his mouth to speak.

"Don't be too loud if you're going to come in."

She nodded and waited for him to knock, wondering what could be so important behind this wooden door that she would have been told to be quiet.

Sakui knocked softly and turned his right ear towards to door. A soft 'Come in' was emitted from the other side. He gently pushed the doors open, and motioned for Dina to follow him in.

"Brother?" said a soft and feminine voice, which seemed to come from the bed. Dina stepped in and looked around. The room wasn't too much different to Kiki's, although it seemed to lack the bright and lively atmosphere Kiki's room has. In fact, now that Dina thought about it, Kiki's room isn't inside this main building. Her's is separate.

"Yes, Kisa, it is me. I have brought your medication."

A small girl sat up slowly from the bed, and Dina had to clamp her lips together to prevent herself from crying out in surprise. She was beautiful, with long flowing black hair, deep blue eyes, and soft smooth skin. Yet she didn't have the sense of power that Kira radiated, or the lively maturity that Kiki had. Instead, this girl seemed gentle, passive, fragile. In fact, everything that Dina wasn't.

"Kisa, this is Dina. She arrived from...another place, and she is living at our home as a guest," Sakui introduced.

"Um, hello," Dina exclaimed cheerfully.

Kisa slowly turned her soft blue eyes to Dina, at which those blue orbs widened incredibly and her small hand flew quickly to her mouth, in an attempt to conceal a gasp of shock.

"Sakui...her eyes...they remind me of..."

Dina turned to Sakui in confusion. He turned his gaze away, looking at a spot on the wall, and kept silent.


"Oh yes...how rude of me. I am Kisa Fung, fifth daughter of the Fung family. Pleased to meet you."

"Yeah, pleased to meet you too."

Sakui placed the the platter on a bedside table and gave the ceramic pot to Kisa, giving her a small China spoon.

"Drink that now, Kisa, you should feel better afterwards."

"Yes, brother, thank you."

"We'll leave you to rest now."

"Kisa wishes you off."

Sakui turned and walked out of the room, leaving the doors open. Dina turned back to Kisa, and smiled warmly at her.

"Well...bye. I hope I'll see you around."

Kisa smiled and bowed her head softly, before beginning to sip the medication delicately. Dina stepped out and closed the doors behind her, finding Sakui standing outside, waiting.


"Kisa...has been suffering from a strange illness ever since she was little. We don't understand what it is she is suffering from...but it is making her weaker and weaker as time passes."

"Oh...how old is she?"


Dina felt a pang of sympathy and pain in her heart. Such a beautiful face, such a young age, and already suffering from a horrible disease. What kind of a world is this?

"Kisa has, however, an extroadinary power that no other person possesses."

Dina looked up.


"She has the power to see things in her dreams."


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