Mommy's little helper,

And Daddy's princess fair,

The one who wore a glistening crown,

Upon her fresh curled hair.

"Mommy can I help you

With dinner if you wish?

And maybe we could even try,

To make your favorite dish!"

"Daddy will you help me,

I've lost my training wheels,

Please hold my hand so I don't fall,

And please don't mind my squeals."

"Mom, where's that shirt you washed today?

I need it to be clean!

I'm not a child anymore,

For God sake, I'm thirteen1"

The door is locked,

The music loud,

Only dinner does she leave,

And not when there's a crowd.

She's always needing money,

For child/parent fees,

Those jeans bought for her yesterday,

Have holes cut in the knees.

She's dazzled up for prom night,

Her dress flowed gold and red,

And there, the same old glistening crown,

Sat on her gel curled head.

His parents took their picture,

She wore the corsage he bought,

And as they got into the car,

Her mind was lost in thought.

"Mommy, can you help me,

I'm not sure what to do,

Daddy, say you love me,

Because I love you too. "

"I'm sorry for the things I said,

And the way I slammed my door,

I'm sorry 'bout all the fits I threw,

Kicking, screaming on the floor."

"I know I should have said these words,

Years and years ago,

But I'm sorry mommy, daddy,

I just wanted you to know."

Tears ran down her parent's face,

As they hugged their daughter 'night,

All three of them were happy,

That between them was no fight.

Daughter gladly went to prom,

And danced away the night,

But somehow in her mindly sense,

Something was not right.

When the dancing floor was clear,

The couples all called it a night,

A man in white rushed on the floor,

And stood, 'though blind by sight.

The man walked over to the girl,

And tapped her on the back,

And Daddy's little princess turned:

"It was a heart attack."

"We tried our best to save him,

We really, mighty tried,

The heart attack was just too much,

I'm sorry, your dad has died."

The moral of this story,

But this is just a part,

Always say your sorries,

It makes peace in their heart.

The family had a funeral,

Princess stood up to speak,

Her eyes were red and wet with tears,

Her knees were very weak.

The girl walked off the podium,

And hugged her mother tight,

'Cause she heard Daddy whisper in her ear,

"Everything's gonna be alright."