To let in the details, this fic is about my made up super heroe called, Slugboy. If you would like to use him please ask before you burrow thank you. Other then that enjoy this parody, thank you.

Lee Barham was an ordinary teenager.......once, but as you can only guess a terrible thing happened to such a nice boy, well to tell you the truth it wasn't that terrible and let's face the facts it weren't that dramatic either.

But it all started 2 months ago at Lee's decrepic school in Lee's Science class, so let's start with a boring flashback.
"So kids as you can see the slugs like a cold enviroment to live in. That is why you never see a slug with a sun tan." Said Mr stan sniggering as he pointed his beady little eyes towards the slugs. Mr Stan sat at his desk reassuring his smile into an angry look.

"While you are examining the Slugs what ever you do DON'T open the container and take them out." But as you can imagine with 30 teenagers about that is more than likely to happen and as the story goes it does. In the back row sat Lee sitting lonily on own.

For numerous attemps he had tried to persuade mr Stan to let him sit someone else but that was never going to happen.
Lee wasn't the most popular of people and by letting himself get in to trouble and getting sent to the back for the rest of his days in the science lab wasn't a good boost for his popularity meter.

On that very day when Lee was sitting at the back poking his finger at the box to see if the slug's would move, he turned into Slugboy. But it wasn't from touching the slugs no way the only way that was going to happen was if it was radioactive and if it bit him and as you probably know Slugs don't have teeth well normal ones, any way.

It was all caused by one his bullies. His name was Joe Ridler, but I don't know why he had the nerve to pick on Lee seen as his stomach was big enough to be a drink rest.

But more to the point Joe Ridler as most naughty little school boys do didn't obey the teacher's instructions, he slowly grasped one the fatter looking slugs,which had a liking to him in a way, you could say it was his twin brother. He then walked over to Lee's Desk and slipped the slug into Lee's drink while Lee was asking mr Stan if he could drink his drink through the exhaustion of Lee looking at the slugs for so long.
Lee walked over to his desk and sat down he grabbed his drink bottle and took a big swigg. As he was drinking he noticed he had swallowed something solid and slimy he then said quietly "So that's where my chocolate bar went." said Lee smiling. "Taste's abit off though." said Lee through clenched lips.