A/N: Just a poem I scribbled down today, since I was angry about my best friend, because she always acts as if I'm not around when another friend of hers is with us… She once asked me to accept that, but yet I'm sometimes jealous and today was one of the worst times in my friendship with her.

If you like it, please review! I know that it´s no masterpiece! And sometimes it hurts…

And sometimes it hurts…

When you don't embrace me…

When you forget me –

For her.

It's like a hole in my chest.

But you don't see it.

When she's there I'm nothing…

I feel like I'd be invisible.

And it hurts,

For you are my friend, my best.

I love our talk, our laughter.

But yet I feel alone when she's there.

I would like to scream and shout,

Yet I'm silenced by your ignorance.


You said that I was your friend.

But sometimes you do not treat me like that.

When we're on our own, yes,

Then I feel best.

Yet I know that we hardly touch

And this lingers in my mind –


But I can suppress that.

I laugh, and you laugh.

We smile, and we joke.

And then, out of nothing, she appears.

Everything's forgotten,

I am mere second,

Vanished out of your mind.

Why do you hurt me so?

I only want you to be my friend.