Every time you touch my skin,

I fall in love again,

You may not realize it but I still love you so,

I wish I could tell you, maybe then you wouldn’t go

Some things are easier said then done,

And most things are over before they have begun

Sometimes I ask myself why I don’t let go and see my life through,

I planned so far ahead that I can only picture myself with you

I presume you have moved on to a life without me,

I wish you still thought we were meant to be

You always said if God didn’t have me for you, then he didn’t have anyone

You are entering a new chapter in your life, the one w/me is done

I don’t think you will ever be lucky enough to know,

That I want a life with you, I choose not to let it show

You are so special, so dear to me

How could you hurt me, how could this be

Why do I still love you after you hurt me so,

I guess I always will, I’ll never let you go

Although you do not physically touch me you touch me deep inside,

Thanks for loving me, even if it was just for a little while, a short fascinating ride