ankHey guys-

                This was a poem I felt like writing because I'm not that happy right now. I'd like to say thanks to that girl, she knows who she is. By the way… if it resembles someone else's writing, that's great. I don't give a damn. I'm angry, and I don't care what you say. Enjoy the poem.

Walking out on you

All this pain

All this regret

Will never come back

Nights spent alone

Just like when we were together

You caring about yourself

Not about others

It's nice to know

I wasted my time

Wasted my life

Just to hope I could get to know you more

All you did

Was shut me out

And leave me in the cold

When it all ended

I was where I was

Even while I was with you

I hope you know

How much I wanted to be

How much time I wasted

Just wanting to love you

Since it's all over
I'd like to thank you

For breaking my heart

And teaching me so many lessons

Never give your heart to anyone

Because it will be handed back to you

Crushed into shards

Like glass on the floor

All this pain

All this hurt

It still comes back to me

Thank you

Thanks a lot

To know that you

Love someone else

I won't worry anymore

Because I don't care

You don't matter to me anymore

And nothing can be done

Not even by me

So now

That pain

That regret

Will dissappear in a cloud of smoke and a pile of ashes