All the times I waited up for you

Even the times I fell asleep and you awoke me b/c I was too tired too

All those moments weren’t just nonchalantly thrown out there,

I thought I was showing you how deeply I care

In essence of your presence, every kiss every touch

I meant every single moment sincerely, I miss you so much

In these eyes of mine I used to see that God matched us perfectly

But now, come a place in time where I have realized you are too good for me

Never will I be pretty enough or will I say sweet enough things,

I know in trying, a comfort to me it brings

You are going through pain

And when I look back at all we’ve gone through I’d do it all again

You mean more to me then anything and I’d do anything, for you, I could do

But there is one thing I can’t, I can’t go back to the past and simply press un-do

I knew I had it too good, I knew this would not last

Now you know forevermore I’ll dwell upon our past

As long as this is what you want and if it’s the will of God, then do what you have to

There’s one thing that you must always know, I’ll be forever in love with you

I’m ready now to give everything away to be with the one guy, you

Tell me we will make, tell me you love me too