There are no words.

You know that above line doesn't make sense. There're thousands of words - Oxford and Webster prove it. But…

When its past midnight and you've been in front of your screen for so long -so long - maybe five hours at a stretch and your eyes are tired, crying out for sleep but you don't even want to blink because you feel you just need, that you just have to get something written today if not you'll never be able to fall asleep without getting up again at three to continue sitting and staring at your computer - like now - before you actually write something - a word, a phrase, a sentence…but then its kinda hard to write something not only because you're sleepy and it’s the dead of the night, but also because inspiration just won't seem to come, you wait for it for like, thirty minutes sitting in Lotus position balancing Oxford on your head swiveling round your chair - like this might be some ritual to cure the sudden jam in your mind - but still nothing zooms up and hits you in the head which makes you go "EUREKA!", no lightbulb appears and lights up with a 'DING!' on top of your head, its like someone has sucked up all your creative juices with a vacuum and thrown it into the sea and so you can't even think of how to begin your first paragraph or even consider using some boring cliché like "It was a bright and sunny day…" and you bang your head against the table thinking how stupid you've suddenly become and even start to wonder if perhaps you're losing your touch and you glance at the clock and space out …12.30…12.45…1.15…1.30…and you think and think and yet nothing whatsoever comes to you except the glaring fact that you're suffering from the curse of writer's block and that your long-suffering computer screen can't respond to your curses.

And that's when there are no words.