Once long ago back in the far mists of ancient days, there was a kingdom
known as Marlenia. This small modest realm was ruled by the wise King Frake
and his wife, Queen Alameen. Their good fortune had produced them an heir to
the throne in the form of their young daughter, Belly. When she was young,
Belly was a delight to her parents and the other members of court. But, as she
grew up and became more and more pampered by her parents, she became
increasingly too used to getting her own way. By the time she reached 16, Belly
was a spoiled brat that not even the Captain of the Guard could contend with.

The king and queen where in a pickle to figure out what to do. They tried every
form of discipline outside of plain torturing her into submission, they tried
reasoning with her, they tried bribery, blackmail, everything. Nothing seemed
to work. They were at their wits end.

Then one day, the kingdom was to recieve a travelling mystic from the far off
shores of Rodrom. He was a forseer of the future and a soothsayer. This
wiseman who went by the name of Mit was making a pigrimage to Frake's land to
help him with this plaque of a daughter he had heard so much about.

Even though a small reception was made for Mit's arrival, Frake had to spend
some of his attention to Belly again who was going through her usual fit of
terrorizing the poor handmaidens who were usually the target of mainly of her

"Belly!" Frake demanded. "If you don't stop this behavior this instant and
come down and see the nice wiseman whose come all this way to see just
you, I'll have him turn you into a newt!"

"Huph!" pouted Belly after throwing yet still another priceless vase to the
ground into pieces. "He probably just wants to get some kicks off me."

"Don't you say that!" warned Frake. "Lord Mit has crossed the rolling sea to
help us with this problem."

"There you go again!" said Belly. "I'm not your daughter anymore, I'm a just
problem. It's all my fault. Blah! Blah! Blah!"

King Frake sunk his head into his hands. "Merciful Allah," he prayed. "Where
did I go wrong?"

Belly was escorted to the main chamber where Mit waited for her. He rose from
what looked like a meditation and studied her over.

"Hmmm," he pondered. "Yes. Very nice. Very nice indeed. You would make a fine
bride for a young man. Ah, if only I were a boy again."

"I told you!" said Belly to her father. "He's some perverted old nutcase who
gets off on cute innocent princesses like me."

Belly then cornered her eyes on Mit. "Your type makes me sick!" She then spat
in his face.

Now normally, a subject to royalty in Marlenia wouldn't mind getting spat at
by a princess. But for a citizen of Rodrom, it was the most dreadful insult
imaginable to be spitted on by someone higher up in rank.

Mit was furious. He never expected the princess to go that far. He thought she
might try to claw his eyes out or kick him in the groin, but this was the worst.
Occording to his people's way, there was only one thing for it. Divine

He wiped the princess' drool from his cheek. He then looked at the king. "I am
sorry, your highness. But she has instegated my religion to the extreme. I
have no other choice."

"I understand," said Frake apparently clued in on what the wiseman was saying.
He gestured to his guards stationed on the opposite ends of the room. They came
over to the princess and held her in place.

"What are you doing?!" she screamed. "Let go of me! I'm your princess!"

"Not anymore," said the King. "You are hereby abjegated and banished until you
can mend your ways and learn some humilty. Please accept this as your reward
for the years of suffering you have put on the crown."

Belly struggled not knowing what was really going on. Then she saw Mit digging
into a small bag he carried around his sash. From it, he pulled out a small
blue transparent bottle with an ordinary rubber cork on the top. There was a
cryptic design on one side that she couldn't make out. Mit then held the bottle
in front of her and began to mutter some ancient scripture.

Suddenly, she began to feel her clothes being dissolved away. She was standing
buck naked in the courtroom with nothing but a row of sparkling dots covering
her. She then looked down and saw that her princessly robes were now replaced
by those of a common harem slave. She felt even more naked than before in these
servant's attire. Then she felt herself being taken apart piece by piece, atom
by atom. She was now one with the sparkling dots. The parts of her that were
still visible melted into the sparkles, and then became like an inhaled puff
of smoke. The smoke poored into the bottle which had just then been opened.
The smoke re-assembled itself inside the bottle and then became the form of
Belly, still dressed in the slave girl's clothing.

She looked around. It appeared to be a small room with pillows and
furnishings, like her old bedroom but more cushioned as if it were done inside
something portable. She wanted to scream, to be heard. To cry out to the gods
to found out what was happening to her and why she had no control over it. But
instead she felt weary, as if she was loosing all her strength. Then, a rush
of blood filled her body. She seemed to become endowed with a renewed sense
of power, like almost nothing was impossible for her. But the feeling soon
passed and she then fainted from the surge of excitement.

Mit, gave the bottle to the King. "Here, your majesty. I am sorry it came to

The king became teary. "It is all right, wise one. There was now other choice."
He looked into the bottle to see his tiny daughter falled asleep on a pile of
pillows. "Only the power of the gods could possible have worked on one as
bratty as her."

Frake then took the bottle over to the window. He gave a loud whistle with his
fingers, to which a large falcon flew from a neigboring tower too. Frake
stroked the noble bird's head. He then held out the bottle. The falcon flew out
and then swooped back to pick up the bottle in his giant talons. It bird flew
out to the sea, knowing what its mission was.

The king then walked away silently from the window and turned to Mit. "Will
I ever see her again?" he asked.

"Possibly," replied Mit. "It depends on how fast the tide of time works in
her favor."

The king started to cry. "Thank you, Lord Mit," He said as he turned away to
leave. "If you will excuse me know, I must inform my lady of this news."

"I undestand, your majesty," said Mit packing up his things. "I must know take
my leave of you to. I have a duty in the next country. Farwell for now."

The two men left the room, leaving it dark and empty.

Centuries later, off the eastern coast of the United States, a young man named
Wes roamed along the beach late at night. He was about seventeen, and not too
bad looking, even though he still had freckles. He was taking a stroll to get
away from his friends who he travelled to the beach with for spring break. He
had hoped to meet some cute girls to hang out and have fun with, but no go.
They all treated him like a kid because of his freckles. No one took him
seriously enough, or at least in the way he wanted to be treated.

Wes decided to ditch his friends that evening who had all found some visiting
sorority chicks to cling too. Sorority chicks, no less! Here he was in the
prime of his youth while his buds go score with some college babes. No justice!

He started picking up seashells and threw them back into the ocean to see how
far they would skip on the water. He noticed some nice looking shells out by an
outcrop of sand which seemed weird as it was the only dry patch on a beach
filled with wet sand. All the shells seemed to dance around one shiny piece of
buried glass.

Wes brushed the sand clear of the piece to see that it was a small blue bottle.
He pulled it out of the ground and saw that there was a strange marking on it.
He polished off the marking to get a better look at it. Doing so made the
mark turn red. Then the whole bottle turned a crimson red and began to shake in
Wes' hand.

Not knowing what to expect, Wes tossed the bottle into the wet sand. Then, the
cork burst up and a cloud of white smoke appeared from the top. The cork flew
straight into Wes' hand.

The cloud circled around in the air. It then came toward Wes and caressed his
face. Wes became filled with a sensation of calm and contentment, like nothing
he had ever felt before.

The cloud then flew away from him and began spiraling around like a small beam
of smoke. The puff began to form itself. It grew arms, legs, a waist, hips,
thighs, chest, neck, shoulder, and a head. Wes couldn't make out the whole
figure, but it already had all the best measurements he had ever seen on a

The form then became completely clear. Wes could see that she was a young girl
in her teens, probably about the same age as him. She had long light brown
hair done in an elaborate ponytail off to the side of her head, bright blue
eyes as deep as the ocean, lightly tanned skin, a full set of lips, ripe
cleavage, a slender waist with a mesmerizing navel, long legs, and painted

She was adorned in a white harem-type outfit, like the kind he saw his aunt
wear when she gave bellydance lessons, only this one was much more revealing
and highlighted all the right places of her body. A white bikini-type top
with glistening jewels decorating it, making her chest even more attractive.
A small thong-like bottom slightly covered by a weaved belt with heartshaped
gold pieces linked together, followed by a light pink transparent pair of
pantaloons. She had a small pink veil wrapped around her ponytail flowing
down to her waist. She was also wearing some gold bracelets that seemed to
glow with energy, as well as a necklace, a thin silver chain around her waist,
and a gold tiara around her forehead. She wore no shoes, just a small white
lace like stocking on each foot that went from her ankles to just where her
toes began.

The girl seemed to be in a daze. Like she was slowly waking up from a dream.
Her eyes then cleared and she stared right at Wes, and then saw the cork in
his hands. She then looked down to see that familiar bottle lying in the sand.

The girl then raised her arms into the skies, and began to shake her fists at
the heavens. "Damn it!" she said. "I'm a # genie!"