Belly shot up and grabbed Wes by the neck.

"Alright," she demanded. "Where the Hell am I? Where is Marlenia? Who are you?
And what did that bastard Mit do to me?

Wes couldn't breathe. "Haaaaugh!" he said trying to gasp for air.

Belly realized she needed to let him go in order for him to answer. She
released her grip on him.

"Gaaack!" spewed Wes. "What did you do that for? Who are you?"

"Answer my questions first!" she yelled.

"Well, you're on a beach in Florida. I don't know anything about a Marlenia
or anyone named Mit. As for my my name is Wes."

A long pause entered the scene. Belly was trying to take in watch she was
just answered.

"Okay," said Wes. "Your turn."

"What do you mean, my turn?" asked Belly.

"Your turn to answer my questions."

"Oh, she said. I'm Belly, first princess of the kingdom of Marlenia."

"Whoa!" said Wes. "Your a princess?"

"Yes, peasant," answered Belly.


"Yes, and as your superior, I command you to..."

Belly sentence was cut off by a large ringing in her ears. She couldn't
stand it. The sound soon stopped. Then, the bottle she came out of arose
from the sand and began to glow a bright red. From the top of the bottle
came forth an image of an old man. It was Mit, the old wiseman.

The image addressed Wes. "Young man. Know that I am Mit. A mystic from
far back in your history. You have been charged with the duty of watching
over this spoiled brat of a princess."

"Who are you calling a spoiled brat, you crusty old fart?!" yelled Belly.

Mit's image continued. "She was incapable of being a worthy heir to her
throne and thought only of herself. As punishement, she was turned into
the being you now see. In my time, this was commonly referred to as a genie."

"A genie?" asked Wes.

"A genie is capable of granting their master anything they directly wish
for. As you have freed her, you are now her master. She is you slave to
command, and she must obey your every command. However, I highly recommend
that you do not command her to mate with you or that you wish for her to
fall in love with you. That would be bad manners."

The image of Mit then squared its eyes upon Belly. "As for you, Princess."
I suggest you learn to use your powers wisely and for the benefit of others,
especially your master. I have forseen all this, except for its conclusion.
If you behave accordingly like a genie should, you will be allowed to
travel back to your own time and assume your rightful place as ruler of
Marlenia. But, if you don't please your master and continue on the same
course of behaviour that got you into this mess, you will be condemmed to
live in the dark realm of Hades for eternity. That is all. This is a

With that, the image of the old man disappeared from sight. The bottle then
floated over to Wes' hand and he caught it just as it fell into his reach.

"That old bastard!" murmured Belly. "How dare he. While I'll use my powers
too..." Then her ears began to ring again. The noise became nearly
deafening. "Alright! Alright!" she screamed. "I understand!"

Belly then kneeled down before Wes. She took a big gulp as to signify she
was swallowing her pride.

"Master," she began. "I am your humble slave, Belly, former princess of
Marlenia." She couldn't believe she was saying this. "Your wish is my

Wes suddenly got a big smile on his face. "Well, slave. That's awfully
accomadating of you." He looked her over as she remained kneeling before
him. He could really have fun with her, in more ways than one. But then
he thought about what that old man said. Maybe he might get punished for
using her like a prostetute or something.

He quickly tried to think of something else. "Gee," he said to himself
out loud. "I wish I knew what to wish for from you."

Belly then rose to her feet. It was if something had taken control of
her and she suddenly had a whole new attitude. She raised her hands and
clapped them together.

"Your wish is granted!" she said in an enthusiastic tone.