Title: Not a Game
Author: Luke Jacobs
E-Mail: luke@idledesign.net
Author's Note: I never write, I'm a horrible writer. This was spawned from an interesting dream I had, that I simply couldn't get out of my head. So with a little tinker here and there, I think it is coming out to a semi-decent story. For me to even admit my own work is decent, is something unexpected. Don't crush a poor young boy's dreams, review! Ideas, Suggestions, Criticism. Whatever, I just like to know people are reading. ^_~
Dedication: I would like to dedicate this to Trudy, the love of my life. She is always there for me when I'm down. Except when she goes away for the weekend and doesn't turn her cell phone on! -_-; Sweety, I know I get upset alot over stupid things, but thank you for always being there for me when I come to my senses. I love you, always for eternity.

* * * * *

We walked down the snow covered trail discussing various topics in a loud manner, not paying attention to the path ahead of us. All too suddenly I had tripped over a branch, and desperately grabbed for Trudy's extended arm. She, however, was not strong enough to hold my weight, and both of us rolled down the mountain side in each other's arms.

I opened my eyes, and it was if the world had stopped spinning. "Trudy! We are ok!"

Dazed slightly, she opens her eyes slowly. "I was.. I mean.. Luke."

I felt like all I could do was squeeze her tightly against me and say "I know.." But that was enough.

She began to shuffle beneath me, so I rolled off of her and kneeled beside her, examining the surroundings. We seem to have landed outside of some sort of temple. I focused my sight on two statues on either side of the door. One slightly resembles Shiva, the mythological ice queen. The other, the fabled Arch Angel Tyrael. This is certainly an odd sight, to say the least.

As Trudy sat up she followed my eyes to the statues as well, all she could do was sit wide eyed in disbelief. All her life she had dreamed of embarking on some adventure, and this was beggining to seem like it could evolve into a grand adventure. Something that would be read and talked of for decades to come. Little girls would run around our statues in the town square re-enacting her legendary heroics. A wide grin of joy spread quickly across her face. Me however, I was skeptical. Where the hell were we?! Why had no one found this place before?! What if they have.. But just weren't able to return to speak of it. I climbed to my feet and offered my hand to Trudy, however she was out of it completely. Her mind was being filled with possible scenarios that might lay in her future. Legendary swords, scary monsters to slay, cat-girl sidekicks. She jumped to her feet quickly and began to rush towards the door. I chased after her and restrained her until her mind came back to reality. When she stopped struggling, I let her go and she turned to face me. Now there was something in her eyes besides excitement, she had realized what was happening, where we were.. Her eyes were glazed with fear. She grasped me tightly and began to cry, which triggered the tears of fear I had been holding back for several minutes. We both just held each other, letting lose rivers of tears.

Once we regained control of our emotions, we sat down about 20 feet from the entrance and discussed what was happening.

"This just seems to unbelievable, I.. I just.. I don't know what to think. I'm excited, I'm scared.. I.."

I grabbed her and pulled her against me interrupting her. Again the tears started to pour from her eyes. But now isn't the time to be worried and idle. The sun was falling, and we needed to find shelter of some sort. The obvious was, the temple. But who knows what was inside. However, it was too cold to worry much about it. So I stood up, never letting go of her. I looked into her eyes and then at the sunset, making sure her eyes followed. Without any words spoken, she nodded in agreement. We began to gather the few supplies that weren't ripped from us during our ascent down the mountain side.. And headed towards the entrance.

"IT'S LOCKED!" Trudy began to make sobbing noises and muttering hystericly.. "We're gonna die here! WAAAAAH!"

"Trudy, calm down! How many games have we played where there was a locked temple door? Where there is a door, there is a way through the door.. or something. You get the point anyways.."

"Yeah! Go find the way in!"

"Me? What are YOU gonna do?"

"Sit here and drink coke."


"You wouldn't want me to get hurt.. what would you do if something happened to me?" Trudy proclaimed as she faked a sad pouty face.

"Sigh.. Fine.. But you get the next one!" I said walking away, throwing her a glance and a wink over my shoulder.

She was right though.. This was pretty exciting. I can't recall all the times I've played a game and wished I could do thing like that. Be a hero, kill big evil bad guys 50 times my size. But, first, lets just see if I can even open the forkin' door!