Trojan Bunny

The weather is fine,
The season is sunny,
I'm being attacked by a Trojan bunny
Don't you laugh;
It isn't funny
I'm being attacked by a Trojan bunny
It got here,
I know not how;
At least it's not a Trojan cow
Little green army men pour on out...
They're moving by themselves somehow!!
Do not laugh!
It isn't funny!
Hospital bills cost lots of money
When caused by a Trojan bunny.

Author's Notes: This one makes my little brother laugh every time. It originated as a joke with two teachers of mine. I can't quite recall the situation, but it was around Christmastime...if you know the story of the Trojan Horse, then you know what the little green army men coming out is about...but honestly, I don't know where I came up with the hospital bills. I had to end it somehow, I guess. ^_^;
Before You Review: I honestly had no idea at the time I wrote this that Monty Python ever had a Trojan bunny in "The Holy Grail". I swear! I'd only watched two eps of Monty Python in my entire lifetime, and it was only recently I've seen the movie. Three people (two here, and one on a review of "Dust Bunnies") have asked me whether that's where I got the idea, and the answer is no. I thought I made it up myself. *laughs* Not that I have anything against Monty Python, of course (after all, "The Holy Grail" IS the funniest movie I've ever seen). ^_^; Just to clear things up. ~MJ