There were five of us. Five people brought to one place by fate, or maybe hormones. But

it wasn't our fault. We were simply upholding Americas teenage rituals, godsave us.

I had needed a place to stay, his family was used to having people drop by. It worked.

One of his friends felt left out and so we quickly converted it into a party. The three of us stared at various screens for a while, despite the options of much more exciting activities.

Then, like fate, they called.

They were girls from our class and it turned out they were slumber partying just up the

road. We all talked into the night and it was well after eleven when all the gossip was kicked

around and dead. Like expected from teenagers we somehow were able to talk about the same

nothing for hours. We also knew that we had to end up together. That’s how it always works. It

was decided that neither households could accommodate the mob so we planned on meeting the next morning.

They called at ten, just as planned. The two groups magnetized towards each other and we met at a safe halfway point. They all had known each other longer than I had, but it was

awkward for all of us. We dawdled for a while, avoiding eye contact with each other. We tried the usual coed games, but their death was quick. We kicked around rocks and ideas, but nothing seemed enticing until someone mentioned the Queen.

It was one of the boys, of course. The two of them had been there before, many times.

“Are you sure?â€