Orchid: A Tale Of True Love
She was one that was forbid.
The one woman who hid
From the Evil Eight,
Who dare try to exterminate
My beloved Orchid.

Her eyes seduced me.
Our love fits us a tee.
But, because of a seer,
Who had caused such great fear,
She's got no choice, but to flee.

Then, I've found it at Javelin Bay,
The truth kept locked by the CIA!
I've found out why my little Orchid
Had, all this time, hid.
I've found out on that day.

She knew, from birth,
That she was not of this Earth.

Oh, Orchid, in a starry sea,
Can't you remain with me?
For, I'm still in love with Thee.
Andrew Troy Keller
Copyright ©2000 Andrew Keller