Broken Bubbles

Author's Notes- Odd. Vaguely pro-euthanasia although it could talk about anyone who wants to die. It may be entered for some contest if Jenny has her way *poke*. I think it needs cutting down a little- should I remove the second or third verse? Don't suggest the first or fourth, me likes those =p.

When all my flowers blossom black,
And all my lifelines stretch and snap,
Cut free my anchors to this world.

When glitter fades and crumbles away,
And I pray for release each and every day,
Sever all that binds me to this world.

When emotion is decreed by the pills I take,
And all my bubbles always break,
Release me from a nightmare world.

When vivid sunset fires are bleached,
And dreams spiral hopelessly beyond my reach,
Let me follow them beyond this world.