Here's a poem I decided to write, I felt kinda inspired after spending a while in the woods, just hiking and hanging around. It's for Erica, who asked me to write a cheery, optimistic poem. Hope you guys like it, and hope it doesn't suck…

                The dullness of night

The creak of crickets

Chills in the air

Darkness creeping over

The hills and creeks

Silently stalking

Across the meadow

Breezes swing across the fields

Through the trees

Across my cheeks

Moving over the sky

Is a quiet cloud

The moon rises

Wolves sing aloud

Quietly I smile

As those wolves start to linger

The dark of night

Loiters on and on

Until the break of day

The blackness recedes

Slowly disappearing

Engulfed by the light

Slowly the Sun rises

As a giant star

Immersed in brightness

For all to admire

The birds tweet again

As I open my eyes

My hand touches grass

Wet to the touch

Slowly the sky darkens

As clouds pass the sky

The first raindrops of the day

Fall on my face

I smile

Dancing in the rain

The sounds of thunder booming in the distance

The pit pat of rain on the ground

Puddles in my clothes

Finally I go home

Tired and sleepy

Back to civilization

Where I have a warm blanket and a hot chocolate calling my name