Even though I just saw you and I just kissed your sweet lips

Although I just saw you and you held on to my hips

I already miss you, the hurting has begun

When will this painful wait be done

I know, for many reasons, we can’t be together now

But sweetheart I promise we will work it out, somehow

In God there is only time, and in time there is God, patiently await

The outcome of all of it will be our sealed fate

Still I can’t wait to touch you and be caressed in your care

All that is going on around me suddenly stops, b/c you’re there

I know I’ll be so happy and I’ll feel like nothing can bring me down

Oh but when you leave, how quickly will that turn around

I can’t wait until you can stay with me all night long

When I can fall asleep in your arms, where I belong

I guess until the day my dreams of us together come true,

I will just spend these lonely nights without you