I love you too much to lie to you;

I'm not coming home.

You know just as well as I do

There are times when the momentum

Takes us places we'd never get to otherwise

Oh honey,

You know I always wanted

To be a hero for you

Save the day and then come home

And sweep you off your feet

Kiss you, happily ever after…

The kids

You always tell me I'm their hero;

Baby I didn't believe you,

And now I don't want to believe you

Because now I have to be the hero

And I'm not coming home,

I'm not coming home,

I'm never coming home to you again.

God it isn't right

But it isn't so wrong either

It's just that I'm here and our baby isn't

He- she? I don't even know yet, and

We'll never even get a chance to meet

But I'll be watching over you all

If there is such a thing as heaven, I promise,

And all the choirs of angels won't tear my eyes away

Am I scared?

Well God,

What kind of question is that?

Five minutes ago I was terrified

Now I feel nothing but crushing grief

But a man can't cry, not in a time like this,

Not when he has a job to do

An honor like this one

A chance to be brave and do what's right…

It's time to go.

I'm sorry, I have to

They're rallying, honey.

I love you-

I'll miss you-

I'll never really leave you-

Let's roll